SOTT® Vinyl Cutter

SOTT® Vinyl Cutter

You know the problem: the film is on the car - get your knife or blade out - cut the film - and then pray you haven’t cut in to the paintwork...

There’s a much easier and less stressful way. Just take your Easy Cutter and cut your films to size in one go, without fear of cutting in to the


The secret is in the shape and construction of the Easy Cutter. It has a plastic head with a flat underside and an angled stainless steel blade mounted on the inside of the head. The film runs between the top and underside of the head, so the blade can’t possibly come in contact with the substrate.

It’s also 100% safe as the blade is concealed in the head. So having to slide the blade back in before putting the knife in your pocket or tool bag is a thing of the past.

The Easy Cutter is manufactured from durable plastic with rubber inlays that prevent slipping.

In short : a simple tool for quickly cutting film without a lot of hassle.

Product Number: 100-SOC

SOTT® Vinyl Cutter