3M® Edge Sealer 3950

3M® Edge Sealer 3950

3M Edge Sealer 3950 is a colourless varnish that provides a water and dirt tight seal between the edge of self-adhesive PVC films and the substrate. It can also prevent curling of the edges.

Edge Sealer is resistant to water, mild acids and salts. Not resistant to hydraulic oils and greases. Edge Sealer can be removed with isopropanol alcohol and citrus-based cleaners.

This odorless industrial sealant with high tensile strength is ideal for structural bonding between (safety) window films and glass. The sealant also seals particularly well against corrosion, leaks etc.

Good to use to bond window films to the edges of the glass/frame in situations where break-ins, falls through or explosions are a possibility. With one tube you can seal about 35 linear meters.

High quality sealant for sealing the edges of window films to prevent corrosion. UV resistant, long service life.

Very good adhesion to all types of substrates except granite. With one tube you can seal about 35 linear meters.

- for sealing the edges of PVC films

- 0.23L can

- extremely strong and resilient

- also works as a bonding between film and glass/frame

- 305ml

- colour : black

- silicone sealant

- 300ml

- colour: transparent

Before you begin, test it out to make sure that the Edge Sealer does not affect the substrate.

Substrate and film should both be degreased and clean.

Make sure that the film edge is well pressed in accordance with the film manufacturer’s guidelines.

Do not dilute.

Do not leave the lid off the jar for too long; this will shorten the life of the contents.

Apply the sealer with a 6mm thin brush in one smooth motion.

Make a 6-10mm seal edge, covering both the film and the substrate.

Avoid gaps between different seal edges.

Allow the seal edge to dry for 24 hours.

Part Number: 600-3950

3M Edge Sealer 3950